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General Litigation

Lawyers Representing Individuals and Companies of All Sizes in State and Federal Litigation in South Florida

No one plans to end up in litigation. Yet, litigation often proves to be a necessity, and, when facing litigation, parties must work to resolve their disputes as efficiently and as favorably as possible. At Olive Judd, our Fort Lauderdale litigation attorneys rely on their extensive experience in state and federal litigation to help our clients overcome disruptive disputes, whether this involves negotiating a settlement or presenting evidence at a jury trial.

When facing a dispute, engaging legal counsel promptly can often help to reduce both the risk and burdens of litigation. When our clients engage us early, we can provide strategic advice—often focused on litigation avoidance. While we have the team, resources, and capabilities required to fully litigate our clients’ cases, when necessary, we understand that most of our clients prefer to avoid litigation whenever possible.

Strategic Representation for All Stages of Litigation

We provide strategic representation for all stages of civil and commercial litigation in South Florida’s state and federal courts. This includes:

Pre-suit Case Resolution

In many cases, it is possible to resolve a dispute before a lawsuit gets filed. By investigating the facts, challenging counterparties’ assumptions, and leveraging the circumstances at hand, we are often able to steer our clients’ disputes toward favorable pre-suit resolutions.

Pretrial Proceedings

The initial stages of litigation can move relatively quickly. Once one party files suit, the other party has a deadline to file an answer, and then the parties will typically move directly into discovery. As a lawsuit progresses, counsel for both sides will need to file and respond to motions and attend hearings in person or remotely.

Settlement Negotiations

Parties to litigation can agree to settle their dispute at any time. When representing clients in litigation, our Fort Lauderdale litigation attorneys are constantly looking for opportunities to build leverage for settlement. When it makes sense for our clients to settle, we properly inform them. When we believe we can achieve a better outcome by continuing to pursue litigation, we thoroughly advise our clients of their options.


We have extensive experience representing clients in complex trials at the state and federal levels. Trials can last anywhere from days to weeks, and they can involve claims for remedies ranging from injunctive relief to billions of dollars in damages. Each Fort Lauderdale litigation lawyer at Olive Judd is just as comfortable representing individuals and small companies as plaintiffs at trial as they are representing major corporations as defense counsel in large-scale securities and class action litigation.


In addition to handling trial litigation, we also represent clients on appeal. If a litigant is dissatisfied with the outcome at trial, they must work with appellate counsel to diligently assess potential grounds to pursue appellate relief. We have experience in Florida’s state courts of appeal and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, and we hand-pick the appeals we accept to ensure that we are providing the most effective and most efficient representation possible.

Types of Cases We Handle

We maintain a broad litigation practice where we represent individuals and companies of all sizes as plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel. We have secured favorable results for numerous clients in matters involving:

When Is It Time to Talk About Litigation?

Many company executives and business owners wait longer than they should speak with a Fort Lauderdale litigation attorney. As previously mentioned, this can prove costly. So, when is the right time to talk to an attorney about potential litigation?

  • You have questions about your (or your company’s) legal rights or obligations. The best time to consult with litigation counsel is before anything goes wrong. If you have questions about your (or your company’s) legal rights or obligations, we can help you understand your situation and move forward accordingly.
  • You have tried to resolve a disagreement to no avail. If you have tried to resolve a dispute to no avail, it may be time to explore your legal options. We can help you decide whether (and when) to file a lawsuit, and we can advise you regarding any remaining pre-suit options you may have available.
  • You have concerns about a possible lawsuit. If events have transpired that you believe may lead to a lawsuit, the time to engage litigation counsel is now.
  • You (or your company) have been sued. If you are currently facing a lawsuit, you need to engage experienced litigation counsel promptly. You only have a limited amount of time to respond before you will risk facing a default judgment.
  • You (or your company) are currently experiencing legal, financial or reputational harm. If a competitor, former employee, business partner, tenant, or other party is presently violating your (or your company’s) rights, initiating litigation promptly could be essential for preserving the remedies you have available. This could be the case, for example, if a business partner has defamed you or exceeded his or her authority, if a competitor is using your company’s trade secrets, or if a tenant is holding over in violation of your lease.

Speak with a Fort Lauderdale Litigation Attorney in Confidence

Whether you have questions about a potential dispute or are in need of litigation counsel in South Florida, we encourage you to contact us and confidentially speak with a Fort Lauderdale litigation attorney.