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Banking & Financial Litigation

Our Fort Lauderdale banking lawyers at Olive Judd Provide Strategic Guidance and Legal Representation to Financial Institutions

Our services are provided to banks, commercial lenders, and other organizations operating throughout the financial services industry. Our Fort Lauderdale financial litigation lawyers combine advanced trial experience with an in-depth understanding of banking and financial transactions to deliver results for clients locally, regionally, and across the nation. We handle a full range of banking and financial ligation matters, including cases involving :

  • Breach of promissory notes and related mortgages
  • Foreclosure actions
  • Retaking of property collateralized by lenders
  • Lender liability claims

When disputes involving banking or financial transactions arise, our lawyers work to resolve these matters in the most advantageous manner possible. We appreciate that these types of cases can be highly disruptive and millions of dollars are often at stake. While we attempt to negotiate and resolve these conflicts quickly and outside of the courtroom, we are prepared to proceed to trial knowing that in certain situations litigation will be necessary to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Our Fort Lauderdale banking lawyers also advise banks and financial institutions on the ever-changing body of laws governing the financial services industry. We review our clients’ operations and provide guidance on how to comply with complex legal requirements, including the Dodd-Frank regulations and other capital retention standards for financial institutions. Your Fort Lauderdale finance lawyer will also keep a watchful eye on important developments and changes in the law so that our clients can take the appropriate steps to avoid problems and potential litigation.  Contact us today to get started.