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Securities & Shareholder Litigation

The attorneys at Olive Judd represent shareholders and companies throughout the state of Florida and across the nation in a diverse range of securities litigation actions.

The cases we handle include:

  • Corporate mismanagement and waste
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Theft, conversion, and accounting fraud
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Corporate control contests
  • Mergers and acquisitions litigation
  • Securities class action disputes

Our attorneys know that securities actions can pose significant risks to our corporate clients, and we work with those clients as not only their lawyers but also their business partners, to discover effective legal solutions when faced with impending or current securities litigation. Whether we are representing a client in litigation or arbitration, we aim to recognize the particularities of each situation and deliver novel solutions to often complex and high-stakes securities cases. Our goal is always to end a securities case soon after it is filed, often through strategically filed motions to dismiss. If necessary, however, our attorneys have a broad range of experience in handling securities litigation cases from trials and arbitrations, through the appellate courts.

Let a Fort Lauderdale Corporate Lawyer Help

We also have experience advising our clients on how to avoid securities lawsuits and work together with directors and other corporate executives to help such individuals make decisions that will help them avoid potential legal exposure to the corporation. Contact us today for help with your cooperation.