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Estate Planning

Our Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorneys Can Assist You With Your Estate Planning Needs

The estate planning attorneys at  Olive Judd help clients take the right steps to ensure their assets are transferred in accordance with their wishes when they pass away. Our compassionate team of attorneys represents individuals, families, trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and other parties in a full range of estate planning,probate administration, and probate litigation matters. Whether the matter is routine or complex, our Fort Lauderdale estate planning lawyers are focused on meeting the individual needs and goals our clients.

We understand that most people do not like to think about their own mortality. However, when you die you will want your assets – your home, investments, personal possessions and other property – transferred to the individuals and organizations that you care about most. You will also want to make certain that these transfers take place with as minimal tax consequences as possible.

The attorneys in our estate planning practice work directly with clients to draft wills, trusts, and other important documents necessary to ensure the client’s wishes are properly executed when they are gone. We have extensive knowledge of the estate planning process and the complex federal and state tax laws pertaining to estates, trusts, and gifts. Our attorneys also help clients with family businesses develop effective succession plans for their companies.

Regardless of whether the estate is substantial or modest, the attorneys at Olive Judd are dedicated to helping clients ensure their families are well taken care of after they are gone. To learn more about our estate planning services, please visit the following pages: