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The attorneys at Olive Judd help individuals at all stages of their lives manage their wealth through solid estate planning. Our Fort Lauderdale wills lawyers work one-on-one with our clients to help ensure that their loved ones are cared for when they are no longer able to do so. We help prepare last wills and testaments that set forth how our clients want their assets and personal possessions to be handled upon their death. When we prepare a will, we take the time necessary to understand our clients’ goals and concerns for the future. We not only make sure that their assets are transferred according to their wishes, we also ensure that these transfers occur with as few tax liabilities as possible. Often, the wills that we prepare for our clients include a trusted personal representative, who is responsible for making sure that our clients’ wishes are carried out. Wills may also include other directives, such as who will take care of minor children, along with funeral and burial instructions.

Where an individual has established a trust but has either forgotten to include or purposely excluded certain property from the trust during his or her lifetime, this property will not pass according to the terms of the trust. If this property is not accounted for in some other type of estate planning document, the property will pass according to state law through intestate succession. In order to avoid intestate succession, our estate planning lawyers will prepare a pour-over will to make sure that all of the property the individual may own at the time of his or her death is “poured-over” into the existing trust.

Our Fort Lauderdale wills attorney Can Assist You Today

Olive Judd develops state plans that preserve and transfer clients’ assets to the people they care most about. We are also here for our clients after the documents are signed, providing ongoing support and assistance when their goals change or their families grow. Contact a Fort Lauderdale wills attorney today.