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Construction Law

Building a project, whether residential or commercial, is a complex undertaking involving numerous parties, processes, and materials. The process begins with the construction contract and, whether an AIA form or a non-form contract is used, it is imperative to have legal representation involved so that all parties have a clear understanding of their obligations, rights, and potential risks in regard to the project. The experience of our Firm in all aspects of real estate, land use, zoning, and construction law provides us with a unique perspective in analyzing a project from all angles to ensure the rights of our clients are thoroughly protected. We represent developers, engineers, architects, contractors, owners, and purchasers in residential, retail, industrial, and office projects. We assist our clients in the following matters:

• Construction Contract Drafting and Negotiation
• Preparation of Construction Liens, Waivers and Notices
• Default and Contract Terminations
• Design Defects Litigation
• Construction Defects Litigation
• Bid Disputes
• Lien Foreclosures and Bond Claims

Florida’s Construction Lien Law is extremely technical and complying with the time periods and notice requirements are critical to contractors and owners alike to ensure their valuable rights are protected. Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the nature of construction projects and know that conflicts often arise. We work closely with our clients to identify and resolve potential issues early in the process to minimize problems and delays once construction begins. Sometimes, however, conflicts cannot be resolved without legal action and the Firm’s highly skilled litigation attorneys help our clients navigate the complex area of construction law. We approach each matter with the highest degree of professionalism and provide our clients the guidance and advice they need to achieve their business goals.