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Now is the time! Olive Judd assists Borrowers refinance their home loans

May 1, 2020
Benjamin Olive

It is all over the news, interest rates are at historic lows. You may be able to refinance your mortgage and get a great deal! A mortgage refinance is when you replace your current home loan with a new one. Why should you refinance now? You would save on the interest you pay to the lender; you would lower your monthly payment; and, potentially pay off that mortgage at a faster rate! Also, refinancing an existing mortgage may be easier and more cost-effective then selling and moving into a new home.

Olive Judd, P.A. is an attorney-owned and operated title insurance company and can assist you and your lender in processing and closing your refinance transaction. Our office has several registered Remote Online Notaries and a platform that allows you to close your loan from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you would like to explore your refinance opportunities, we are happy to help you get started.

Nicole Villarroel is an attorney at Olive Judd, P.A. in the Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group. She can be reached at 954-334-2250.